Is Rank Math the Best WordPress Plugin for SEO? [Review]

Rank Math is a comparatively new and revolutionary SEO plugin, which is changing the way you have been doing SEO for your WordPress websites.

Of course, it is needless to say how important SEO is for websites.

I am using this plugin for more than 2 months on 3 of my WordPress websites. And, fascinated by its features and user-friendliness, I decided to write a detailed article explaining each and every aspect of the Rank Math plugin.

What you should expect from this article:

  • Complete features of Rank Math plugin
  • Why it is better than its competitors
  • Why you should consider using it
  • Pros and Cons of the Plugin

So, here we go…

What is Rank Math?

WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math is a WordPress plugin to help bloggers improve their On-page SEO in an easy and efficient way.

The plugin is super fast to set up and works well even on the auto-configuration feature. And, it has recently become so popular due to its next-level completely free features, it is becoming more popular by each coming day.

Rank Math SEO Plugin for WordPress

With its great functionality, Rank Math provides tough competition to already established WordPress plugins for SEO like Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO, SEOPress, etc.

So, who should use the Rank Math SEO Plugin?

Of course, this tool will only be useful if you have a WordPress website. Whether you’re running a small blog or an eCommerce site, SEO plugins are recommended if you want to gain some benefits in terms of the search engine rankings.

And, this plugin takes the SEO process to a whole new level from where your content optimization process becomes a whole lot easier and effective.

Below are the types of sites where Rank Math WordPress plugin can be used:

  • Personal blog
  • eCommerce site
  • Product review website
  • Book review
  • Course site
  • Event site
  • Job posting portal
  • Portfolio website
  • Service site
  • Food or restaurant site
  • Software website

All can’t be listed here, but you get the idea, right?


Let’s take a closer look at all the awesome features of the plugin:

1. User-friendly interface

The user interface is pretty clean and simple to use yet quite powerful.

Simple and User Friendly Interface

From SERPs preview to rich snippet preview and even social media preview, everything is shown right below the WordPress post editor.

The tool provides a score which determines the effectiveness of the optimization for the web page.

2. Easy installation

Rank Math provides a step-by-step setup by using the intelligent configuration wizard. You just install the plugin, run the configuration wizard and follow along.

Easy Installation of the WordPress Plugin

Most of the times, the default settings would work best for you.

It also has an auto-configuration feature which analyzes your website and recommends best settings for great performance.

3. Rich snippets support

Rank Math SEO plugin supports more than 14 types of rich snippets which makes optimizing your blog posts in a quite easy way.

Rich Snippets Support

So, why is Schema Markup needed?

According to the Search Engine Journal, Schema markup is a form of microdata which creates an enhanced description (commonly known as a rich snippet), which appears in the search results.

In 2011, search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex started collaborating to create the

4. Google search console integration

What if you could get all the Google search console integration right into your WordPress dashboard?

Yes, integration of Google search console (earlier known as Google Webmaster Tools) is possible with the help of Rank Math without adding any extra plugin.

This thing really saves you a lot of time by displaying all the important information in your site’s dashboard itself.

5. Website’s SEO audit

Rank Math comes with the inbuilt SEO audit tool which analyzes the whole website and indicates errors and possible improvements for your website.

And, this audit process is pretty easy to initiate – a single click one.

6. Redirection and 404 manager

Most of the SEO plugins do not come with this feature inbuilt but the Rank Math does have a 404 and a redirection manager and that too completely free.

Rank Math 404 and Redirection Manager

You can easily 301 or 302 any page to another page right from the WordPress post editor page.

Rank Math also keeps an eye on the 404 pages of your websites and lets you choose whether to redirect them somewhere or something else.

7. AMP support

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages (introduced by Google) are the lightweight version of web pages to load faster on mobile devices.

The main problem with the AMP pages is: these are difficult and complicated to optimize for SEO.

But, there comes the Rank Math WordPress plugin which makes the web page optimization process a whole lot easier, even for the AMP version of the web pages.

8. Content analysis

However, WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast also provide the readability and content analysis features but Rank Math is a bit ahead in this field.

It analyzes the whole content provides you with suggestions to improve the current scores. The plugin even provides you with suggestions for adding suitable internal links to your website.

9. Import other SEO plugins data

What if you have a huge website and you’re already using a different SEO plugin?

Will you have to add meta details for all your posts again?

Hell no.

Rank Math allows you to import SEO settings from the existing SEO plugin. It supports most of the famous plugins like Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO, SEOPress, etc.

With just a single click all your existing data from the previous plugin will be copied to the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin.

Import Other SEO Plugins Data to the Rank Math

10. Great support

To date, the RankMath plugin is completely free, but still, they have a pretty good support team which will help you quickly.

If you are having some issues, you can ask your question in their Facebook group or their support forum.

Their support team is so helpful that sometimes they even look into your website personally by logging in.

Additional Features of Rank Math

1. Pre-integrated LSI keyword tool
2. Highly optimized breadcrumbs for SEO
3. Internal Linking Suggestions
4. Multiple employees role manager
5. XML sitemaps
6. Overlay icons on social images
7. Open Graph support
8. Add up to 5 focus keywords
9. Robots.txt and .htaccess editor

Rank Math vs Yoast SEO Plugin

Although Yoast SEO is a great plugin, Rank Math is giving tough competition by providing more features than its competitors.

Here, let’s take a quick comparison of the features of both the plugins:

Features Rank Math Yoast SEO
Plugin size 8.6 MB 26.4 MB
Lines of code 30k 95k
Number of files 415 1075
Keyword rank tracking ✅Yes ❌No
Search Console
✅Yes ❌No
Custom post types ✅Yes ✅Yes
Bulk edits ✅Yes ✅Yes
Focus keywords ✅Yes ✅Yes
Google keyword
✅Yes ❌No
Role Manager ✅Yes ❌No
Default open graph
✅Yes ✅Yes
Advanced link options ✅Yes ❌No
RSS optimization ✅Yes ✅Yes
Detailed documentation ✅Yes ✅Yes
24×7 support ✅Yes ✅Yes
PHP-FIG Coding
✅Yes ❌No
Overlay icons on
Social images
✅Yes ❌No
LSI keyword tool ✅Yes ❌No

Rank Math Pros and Cons

So, let’s quickly take a look at the pros and cons of the tool.

First, we will go with the pros:


  • 100% free (to date)
  • Lightweight WordPress plugin
  • Fast and user-friendly
  • 404 and redirection manager
  • Google search console integration
  • Rich snippets support
  • SEO and content audit
  • Great customer support
  • Great community
  • Best UI and UX
  • Replaces 5-6 existing plugins
  • Compatible with all themes
  • Optimization up to 5 keywords
  • Import data from other SEO plugins


  • You cannot revert back to old SEO plugin
  • SEO settings are sometimes complicated to understand
  • Compatibility issues with older plugins
  • Documentation is not detailed as compared to Yoast

Note: While migrating to Rank Math, export the data of the previous SEO plugin to your computer. So, if the migration didn’t work properly you can continue with your old plugin without losing any data.

Why should you use the Rank Math plugin?

I’m not saying that the features mentioned here can’t be brought to WordPress sites without using this plugin. Yes, you can get most of the features of the plugin by using other WordPress plugins.

But, again, you will have to install 5-7 plugins to get all the features.

Replace Plugins with Rank Math

As shown in the above image, Santanu from BloggingJoy was able to remove 5 plugins by installing Rank Math as the primary SEO plugin for his WordPress site.

Wrapping it up

Currently, I’m not using Rank Math plugin on digiTechnolog but on my other 3 websites, and it’s working super awesome. Also, I will be installing the plugin on this website soon.

Whether you’re a new or an expert SEO, I’d highly recommend you to start using Rank Math SEO Plugin as it will save you a lot of time and provide a better experience than the other SEO plugins you have used to date.

That’s it.

Got a related query? Feel free to let me know by dropping a quick comment right now.

Also, share this article with the people who you think might be interested in reading it.

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  1. Sukalyan Mukharjee says:

    This is true Rankmath has changed the game of SEO plugins on WordPress. Wish to see similar additions in SEO plugin veteran Yoast.

    1. Yes, totally.

      The number of features Rank Math provides is ridiculously amazing, and that too free.

  2. I tested Both plugins and i can see Rank math is easy to setup, make things easy to newbie, by how quickly setup his own blog.

    In the other hand what i don’t like in Yoast every time i open my dashboard there is an update for it and even and there is no a complete documentation for it.

    If you want a good setting you need to buy their service. and even i think yoast developer’s they don’t understand how google work by using the old method by focus on meta (title + description and focus keyword). and keyword ratio.

    Now we need something follow google update and advice us how we can setting a good article or page structure and gain google trust.

    This is just my view about the both plugins.

  3. I tested rankmath for my woocomerce site and I found that rankmath has problems with breadcrumbs (to set them up you need to edit files or something) and it has lots of errors for product rich data (it’s possible to remove wrong rich data in functions.php, but what remains after that is less than what offers yoast’s free plugin). So I decided to stick with yoast for now and check rankmath after a year or so – they have a potential, but currently yoast is still better.

    1. Well, there might be some bugs. But, so far I have not experienced any problems with RankMath. I am using on this site also.