Reasons to Create Websites using Notion

I have been using Notion to organize and manage my stuff since May 2019. But when I saw people creating their websites using Notion, it freaked me out.

I was like why would you create a website using a platform that takes forever to load and has absolutely no SEO support.

As a blogger (who knows SEO), it was just not digestible to me. I even posted on Notion’s Reddit community pointing out the issues with using Notion as your website.

But recently, I changed my mind and created 100 Exposed using Notion + Super and I love it. 😍


Because the publishing friction is lesser on Notion.

Plus with the new update, has improved the SEO game on the Notion websites. Now, you can add custom SEO titles, description and OG images to the individual pages.

Yes, the SEO is not better than WordPress (of course), but it’s enough now.

In my case, I was publishing less when the website was on WordPress than that of now. So it’s definitely better for me.

Here are some reasons why you too should use Notion to create websites:

Reasons to use Notion to create websites

It’s easier to create content

Here’s the workflow when I was using WordPress for the same website:

  • planning and organizing content in Notion
  • writing and collaborating in Notion/Google Docs, and then
  • formatting everything into the WordPress

And, here’s the workflow after I used Notion to create the same website:

  • Planning, organizing, writing, collaborating, publishing – everything inside Notion

Plus, everything takes much lesser efforts.

You don’t need any other tool

Once you have your website set up, most probably you won’t need any other tool to plan, organize, and publish content.

Notion replaces tools like Google Docs, Trello, Slack, Airtable, Jira, Asana, etc.

Databases are the best

Creating beautiful boxes like the ones in the screenshot is very easy in Notion. Just create a database with gallery view and done.

Notion Gallery Boxes

In WordPress, either you need to create new columns or duplicate the existing ones to create boxes. But here, you just add a new item in the database and booooom! It’s live on your website.

You can filter and sort the gallery view as you want it to appear on the website.

Easier to update

It’s also very easy to keep track and update the existing content on your website. For future reference, you can also add comments on the pages.

Also, if an article needs to be updated after a certain time, you can simply add a reminder comment and Notion will remind you on the day.

Notion Reminder Comments

And, no. Your comments will not be visible to the website visitors.

Easier to create repetitive blocks

Since Notion has already released the synced blocks feature, creating and updating repetitive blocks have become quicker and easier.

By repetitive blocks, I mean:

  • footer links
  • subscription box
  • sidebar, etc.

Easier to create listicles

If you want to create a continuously updated list article (like this) then there would not be a better option than Notion.

You can use the Save to Notion Chrome extension to directly add items to your list database and it’ll be live on the website.

At 100 Exposed, I have created a Notion API resource page that needs to be continuously updated. And, whenever I come across a new resource anywhere on the internet, I just push that to the list without leaving the page.

📢 However, I would not suggest using Notion if you need to add Schema Markup to your website.

That’s it.

If you have a related query, please let me know in the comments below.

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